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There's more to disinfecting than just killing pathogens! Balancing efficiency, time, safety, cost and sustainability is a winning strategy. Nanobubble Control Systems NanOz delivers on all fronts!

Strong - Safe - Sustainable


NanOz is one of the most powerful disinfectant / sanitizers available on the market.

NanOz is >50% stronger and more than 3000 times faster than bleach! NanOz delivers up to 99.9999 kill efficiency with ultra low contact times for a wide range of pathogens ... even COVID-19.

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NanOz is chemical free and safe for both humans and the environment !

Unlike other disinfectants, there is NO out gassing or smells, NO toxic residue, NO VOCs or QACs and NO rinsing required. NanOz is skin friendly and GRAS (generally recognized as safe)

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NanOz is an on demand water based system with ultra low carbon footprint.

NanOz will help you decrease your carbon footprint, increase your ESG rating and even increase your supply chain resiliency. No more manufacturing, shipping warehousing and disposal.

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NanOz can be used across a wide range of industries including healthcare, food management and public health to kill pathogens, stop the spread of germs and remediate mould.


Saving up to 90% on disinfection and sanitizing costs.

Hospitals, medical and dental clinics, long-term care facilities, life science laboratories, clean rooms and other critical environments can use NanOz to kill pathogens and prevent infectious outbreaks.

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Food Management

Extending shelf life of meat, fish, poultry, fruits and vegetables.

Grocery stores, meat and fish markets, food processing plants, restaurants and food service industries can significantly extend the shelf life of products and reduce food waste and supply chain issues. 

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Public Health

Keeping people and their environments safer.

Schools, retail, manufacturing, business offices, airports, airplanes, trains, sports facilities and greenhouses can use NanOz to stop the spread of germs and pathogens and remediate mould.

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The NanOz System

The NanOz system is a unit that connects to municipal tap water and dispenses up to 10 litres per minute of disinfectant solution. No need to store bulky chemical jugs, your disinfectant is on demand ... you dispense what you need, when you need it. You never run out! 

The NanOz solution can be put in bottles and either hand or power sprayed, no need for electrostatic systems. It can be wiped, sprayed, misted or fogged and is suitable for all surfaces, even food. It can be integrated into hand washing / sanitizing stations or mobile robotic disinfectant units. The dispensing options are endless.

The Power of NanOz

Kill efficiency and contact time are two key parameters when sanitizing and disinfecting.

Kill Efficiency: Aqueous Ozone is well documented as one of the strongest oxidizing disinfectants available. NanOz, has an even higher oxidation potential than aqueous ozone alone.  It is more than 50% stronger than chlorine or hydrogen peroxide.

Contact Time: Because NanOz is so much stronger, the contact time require to kill pathogens is much less. NanOz is more than 3000 times faster than chlorine and significantly faster than all other disinfectants.

NanOz can kill up to 99.9999% of a wide range of germs, bacteria, or viruses including mould, E-coli, Salmonella and Listeria, as well as corona viruses such as SARS, MERS and the novel coronavirus COVID-19 ... and it does it faster than all other disinfectants.

So What is NanOz

NanOz is nanobubble generated aqueous ozone.

Aqueous Ozone is ozone gas infused into water. Ozone or O3 is one of the strongest oxidants available with an oxidation reduction potential (ORP) of 2.1 volts. 

Nanobubbles are gas bubbles, less than 200 nanometers in diameter, with several unique properties:

  1. They maximizes gas to water transfer enabling super-saturation of solutions. Nanobubbles are the fastest and most efficient way to infuse ozone into water.

  2. They do not combine to form larger bubbles that float to the top and disperse. They stay suspended for long periods of time creating an effective ozone gas storehouse.

  3. When they collapse they create hydroxyl radicals, an even more powerful oxidant with an ORP of 2.8v. These radicals, in combination with  ozone create an even stronger oxidant.

The end result is NanOz, a super strong disinfectant that will  last longer than regular aqueous ozone.

So is NanOz safe?

Most disinfectants are based on harsh chemicals or chemical compounds. They often leave toxic residue that needs to be further cleaned. Many can cause irritation to the eyes, nose, skin, and throat and can be toxic if ingested or inhaled.

Aqueous ozone has been around for decades and is deemed safe by many government agencies. Tests have shown that aqueous ozone has no health implications and is 100% safe for users. You can spray it on your hands, onto your food and even if accidentally ingested, it will not cause any harm. It will not harm drains or plumbing.

Ozone vs. NanOz. Trace levels of naturally produced ozone gas are always present in our atmosphere.  It is only high concentrated doses that are of concern to health and the environment. There is virtually no out gassing with NanOz.


There is more to disinfecting than killing pathogens.

Using the NanOz system can decrease your carbon footprint, increase your ESG rating and can even increase your supply chain resiliency.

  • Reduced carbon footprint for sanitizing and disinfection. No chemical dumping, less water use, no manufacturing, packaging, transportation and storage of chemicals.

  • Low power and water consumption.

  • Extending food shelf life, even for a couple of days can have a significant environmental and economic impact. Better food quality for consumers, improved margins for retailers, reduced spoilage and waste and improved global and local food supply chains.

Nanobubble Control Systems - acniti

NCS is the proud North American distributor of acniti products.
From powerhouse Turbiti nanobubble mixers to oxygen and ozone generators and monitors, NCS will optimize a solution for your agtech, or enviornmental challenges.

Turbiti Nanobubble Mixers

The turbiti nanobubble generator is a first-class workhorse ultrafine bubble generator. Available in flow rates from 10 to 1000's of liters per minute for either fresh or salt water, the turbiti creates billions of nanobubbles using either oxygen, ozone, air, CO2 or nitrogen. The turbiti is one of the lowest cost to operate nanobubble generators available.

O2 & O3 Generators & Meters

The oxiti line of gas concentrators are industrial strength high reliability systems. The oxygen generators are available in 1, 5 and 8 lpm delivering 87 to 96% O2. The dual O2/O3 system can generate both 8 lpm oxygen as well as up to 5 g ozone per hour. The dissolved oxygen meter/controller can both monitor and control your pumps and generators.

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